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The Law of Attention Book

The Law of Attention states that our emotional and physical reality are primarily the result of that which we give our dominant attention to.

When we learn how to harness and wield the law of attention to our benefit, the flood gates open to a whole new frontier. By learning how to focus our attention on what we want, we can get a lot more of it in our lives. When our desires are aligned with our inspirations, we experience joy, purpose, and fulfillment when we pursue and attain them. It's really that simple. It is what we all are designed to seek in life. We are created to allow our inspiration to flow, and to channel it into this world.

But the trick is in becoming aware of it. Oftentimes we think we are focusing on what we want, such as better relationships, optimal health, better performance, financial freedom, greater happiness, or a safer world. But our attention is actually fixed on the lack of it. In other words, when we think we are focusing on wanting more of those things we desire, many of us are really thinking about the lack, pain, doubt, risk, problems or fear around them, and that is the energy and attention we're actually putting out about it. In short, we inadvertently create the opposite of what we want.

Here's why: life does not respond to our words nearly as much as it does to our intent, focus, and vibration. By learning to hone our attention toward what we truly want, we can make huge strides toward a much more joyful, fulfilling and abundant life. This website, and the books The Law of Attention and Teaching Kids Life IS Good teach how to harness this great law of attention in simple language that is easy to implement and quickly experience positive results.

There is a set of steps to get there called attentech's, and that's where the magic happens! Learn more.

If we don't feel good and empowered most of the time, we can learn to harness the law of attention to change that. The process works by attaching our attention to what feels inspired and preferred in any given moment, instead of what we're afraid of, worried about, or fearful of. Every moment offers us that opportunity to consciously choose, and learning how to wield it to our advantage can quickly bring us much more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life.

The law of attention also states that sometimes we will experience pain. Most pain has a value, such as when we touch a hot stove and pull away. But some pain just hurts tremendously, such as a physical injury or the death of a loved one. (See: What is pain, and why does it have to exist?). In all cases there becomes a time to shift our attention back to what is preferred. Many of us live the majority of our lives in dominant feelings of lack, doubt, fear, envy, anxiety, sadness, and even depression. This is because we do not learn to let our inspiration flow, or focus our attention long enough to align with that inspiration. Oftentimes we do not even know the integral role we are playing in the way our life is unfolding. To feel true joy we must come to understand that life is meant to be a playground to pursue our highest purpose and inspirations.

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Getting Started:

The very first step we teach in learning to apply the Law of Attention consistently and reliably is to train ourselves and understand how it works. In fact, the origins of the word training come from the original Latin word trahere, which is described as to pull, or draw out (or attract). This mindset is essential to harnessing the law of attention for good, because the core building blocks of Life are based primarily on attraction principles — and not only action principles.

The entirety of the law of attention is designed for us to put our attention on a thing, and then allow Life to co-create the action, path, and trajectory for its fruition. These ancient etymological origins have been utilized in the English language in four distinct ways, all of which are incredibly relevant to what we teach. Webster’s dictionary defines the word train in four unique ways, which each apply to this first essential concept that will provide your first quantum leap toward positive transformation.  Sign up above to be notified when the book is released and learn this process.

Emotional Faces Law of AttentionPro Tip | Harnessing Emotion For Huge Gains

One of our secret weapons in understanding how the law of attention operates is in noticing our own emotional responses in life. If we are ignoring or forgetting this immensely handy tool, then we are missing out on the absolute best system of feedback that Life has to offer.

Our intellect is a tool. The brain weighs pro’s and con’s, and takes into account all of that good historical stuff that goes into decision making. But the brain reports to the heart. We like to think of our internal system similar to a business organizational chart. In that spirit, we can think of the brain the Vice President of the system, and the heart as the President, ie, President Heart.

The buck stops at President Heart, which is the core of all emotion. Vice President Brain can create thoughts that generate emotions, but emotion itself emanates from the heart. Once we give the heart its due reverence, we can follow it like we would follow any good leader of an organization that we are a part of. We can let the vice president do its important and valued work, but we should take our ultimate direction from the heart. That is the core of the law of attention.

If an emotion feels good then it is in alignment with our highest attention. If it doesn’t feel good then it is not. If we have to rationalize an emotion to make it feel good, then the VP is trying to take over the company. Generally speaking, Presidents don’t like when Vice Presidents try to take over their company.

The emotional response system (ERS) is always leading our attention from where we are, to where we want to be. Or more clearly, where we are ready to be. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to make sense of our fears. Should we take that new job opportunity?  Is that feeling of anxiety in our gut because we are just afraid to take the next step, or is it because our higher self knows that it’s not the right direction for us to go right now? These are the questions we often ask. But here’s the thing, we don’t have to worry about all of that. We can just let the principles within the law of attention work their magic. We can let it go. We can give Vice President Brain the weekend off when things get complicated and instead just go back to what the law of attention says about Life.

All we have to put our attention on is being the person we are yearning to become, and the emotions will take care of themselves. We won’t be fearful if we are in a solid emotional state to allow the birth of our desires. All we have to do is focus on what feels good to our ERS in the moment. We can think good feeling thoughts. We can have good feeling conversations. We can read good feeling stuff. These are all ways to point our attention to what is wanted. If something doesn’t feel good, then we can gently pivot our attention toward a part of it that does. As we do things that honor President Heart, our organizations manifestational department will experience record setting production of joy, fulfillment, and abundance!