What is The Law of Attention?

What is The Law of Attention?


Welcome. You are probably here because you are seeking life-changing results from The Law of Attention mastery process. If so, congratulations, you came to the right place! So many people are now ready for this process that is positively changing lives around the world. People are looking for an owners manual for how life can finally make sense, and bear the type of fruit they feel inspired to create. With that in mind, we will offer our best and clearest definition of the Law of Attention for you here. Much more can be found in the book The Law of Attention: Your Path to Greater Joy, Fulfillment and Satisfaction in Life.

What is it?

Simply put, the Law of Attention states: that which we give our attention to becomes a larger part of our emotional and physical reality. Learning about the Law of Attention can revolutionize our lives by exponentially increasing our allowance of joy, fulfillment, and abundance. It works by teaching you how to focus your attention on what feels good in any situation, instead of the lack thereof. The Law of Attention can be interpreted as both a universal law, and a process about how to harness it for great benefits. The process teaches you to channel and allow your highest inspirations for greater purpose and success in all that you do.


By definition, the Law of Attention becomes one of the most important formulas we can ever learn for attaining happiness, peace, and our highest desires in life. This is true because our dominant thoughts define our most recurring experiences in life. If those levels feel good, then we feel good. If those levels don’t feel good then we usually don’t feel good. Joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and abundance are core to who we are, which means the key to life is to align with those experiences. They are what we were designed to manifest in life. They are what our genetics are coded to seek, and how our spirits were conceived to find.

What’s the purpose of life?

The purpose of your life is to be the best individual you can be. It is not the goal of life to imbue us with inspirations and desires only to then demand austerity and self deprivation from them. Like every other living thing on the planet, our one goal is to become the best expressions of ourselves that we can be. We are designed to thrive and be a unique experiment. We do this by following our highest inspirations, which are unique to all of us. By being as true to our inner selves as we can be, we become self-aware. That process always leads us to feel good and enhance the collective by default. The Law of Attention process is the blueprint for how it all works.


By understanding universal experiences like pain, fear, and doubt; we can quickly learn to flip the scales of our emotional patterns and find much more success in our endeavors. When we ignore or misinterpret pain and suffering, it often only leads to more pain and suffering. The Law of Attention teaches us how to live our best and most fulfilling life.


Learn much more by signing up for the book which offers a specific set of steps to make the Law of Attention work for you.


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The Law of Attention was founded by Eric Alexander Crawford. By helping codify and uncover the Law of Attention, Eric has helped many people around the world to find their pathway to more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in their lives. Eric’s other best-selling book, Teaching Kids Life IS Good, has become recognized as a foundational resource for children’s early development. His latest book, The Law of Attention: Your Path to Greater Joy, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction teaches the steps to harness the Law of Attention.